Davey Mathias & Turlach Boylan

Irish music is the product of a country familiar with hardship, an expression of indomitable spirit and joy. In these difficult times, Turlach Boylan & Davey Matthias, gentle apostles of tradition, make music with the easy warmth of an old flannel shirt, a spiritual shield from the trials of the real world.

Davey Mathias is literally a guitarist’s guitarist. He has often performed with fiddler Randal Bays, himself a highly respected Irish music guitarist. Randal says “It’s hard to imagine a better guitarist partner..” Davey accompanies Irish music with an uncommon warmth and sensitivity. From his early days as a punk rocker, passion for honesty and authenticity led him to traditional music. Davey still plays the instrument he annexed from his mother during his teenage years.  No stranger to stereotype, Davey lives with his wife Andi in the deep South in a clapboard house with a porch, hound dogs and a cooler full of beer.

Turlach Boylan was once cryptically introduced onstage as “a musician’s musician”. Ignoring the character flaws this might imply, fellow musicians have described his playing as “elegant”, “thoughtful”, “lush”, “playful”. He learned his music standing in the Culleybackey kitchen of County Antrim flute master John Kennedy, kickstarting a lifelong pursuit of the elusive musical quality ‘Lift’.  After spending seventeen years in Texas unsuccessfully acquiring an accent, Turlach now lives in Kansas in a home filled with dogs, cats, children and recordings of Irish music.